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  1. On the machine you are trying to connect to open the Chrome Remote Desktop Software
    Open Chrome Remote Desktop
  2. Click the Share My Screen button (it may appear in white depending on how your computer is setup, you may be prompted to login with your Google credentials.
    share my screen button
  3. Click the blue + Generate Code button under Share this screen
    Share This Screen
  4. The system should generate a temporary code that can be used to allow a remote session.
    code generated
  5. Now back on the computer you would like to connect from, open Chrome Remote Desktop App
    Chrome Remote Desktop icon on MacOS
  6. Click on the Access code field in the Connect to another computer section and enter the code provided by the remote user. Note: Codes change every 5 minutes. Sometimes you may get disconnected from the remote computer and you may need to enter a new code. Connect To Another Computer

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