Two-Sided (duplex) Copying on the HP Envy 5540

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  3. Two-Sided (duplex) Copying on the HP Envy 5540

  1. Turn the printer on by pressing the power button on the front left
    Power Button
  2. On the printer display screen, click the Copy button
  3. From the Copy menu, click the settings (circle gear) icon in the bottom left corner
    Copy Menu
  4. Toggle the 2-sided button from Off to On by click on it.
    2-Sided toggle button
  5. Click the back arrow
    Back Button
  6. Click Start Black
    Start Black button
  7. Copying will commence:
    Copying status
  8. When the first side completes, it will take a few minutes for the ink to dry:
    Ink Drying
  9. When prompted, open the top platen cover, and flip the paper.
    Second page
  10. Be sure to place it in the close-right corner of the glass platen at the icon below:
  11. Click the OK button, to continue the 2nd side.
    Second page

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