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Who knew? Your iPhone has a built-in white noise widget, but it is not enabled by default.

Enable the Background Sounds feature

To enable the feature, navigate to:

Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds


  1. Background Sounds: First you can enable/disable Background settings using the Background Sounds toggle button.
  2. Sound: Choose the sound you would like to play.
  3. Volume: Adjust the volume of the ambient white noise sound. This will not impact or change the primary volume setting.
  4. Use When Media Is Playing: If you would like the sound to play when other media is playing, you may toggle this option on.
  5. Stop Sounds When Locked: If you do not want the white noise to play when the lock screen is enabled, toggle this option on.

Currently, there is a choice of 6 sounds:

  • Balanced noise
  • Bright noise
  • Dark noise
  • Ocean
  • Rain
  • Stream

Once enabled for the first time, the icon will show up when you swipe into the Control Center.


How to use your iPhone’s white noise feature in iOS 15 – The Verge

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