What is Information Security and Cyber Security?

The process and methodologies used to protect data and information in all forms, such as print, digital, or any other form, is known as Information Security. When Information security entails the  protection of the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability  of information within computer and network systems, it is referred to as Cyber Security. Information must be protected from unauthorized access, modification, deletion, or service disruption. Cyber Security is therefore a subset of Information Security that specifically refers to how computer technologies such as firewall rules, access control lists, cryptography, uninterruptible power supplies, etc, and related computer usage policies are used to safeguard information in digital form whether it be at rest on hard disks or in motion over networks.

Information security measures should include much more than a firewall and antivirus. A proper security posture is an amalgamation of policy, procedure, and infrastructure.   Maintaining an adequate security posture requires active participation and continual awareness in both personal and organizational realms.

Due to the mercurial nature of the technology and information security landscape, information security can be regarded as an ongoing process.  The security process involves awareness and training,  assessment of risk, the development of procedure and policy, and finally, the implementation of hardware and software security measures. Then, frequently repeat the process,  reassessing and enacting the latest measures available to safeguard your data.

The topic of information security ought not be taken lightly or summarily pooh-poohed. Since technology pervades all areas of life, the issues of information security affect each and every one of us.  A breach could happen to you or your organization at any time. As my mother used to always say to me, “be aware of what’s around you.”

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